Community Development Block
Grant (CDBG) Program

CDBG Program

The City of Newark is an entitlement community; therefore the Department of Development receives CDBG funds every year. The CDBG grant dollars fund some of the Department staff in addition to many community and economic development programs.

The Department prepares a 5-Year Consolidated Plan that outlines the goals of how to spend the CDBG funding. Then each year, the Department prepares a 1-Year Action Plan for specific expenditures that must follow the goals of the 5-Year Plan. Some of these expenditures go toward activities that are carried out by the City (e.g. infrastructure projects, development incentives, and housing rehabilitation programs), while other funds go to entities that have applied for funding to support a specific program or initiative.

2024 Annual Action Plan draft-30 day review period -Forward comments to Barbara Gilkes at or call 740-670-7536

Final Notice and Public Explanation of a Proposed Activity in a 100 Year Floodplain

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