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I would like to personally thank you for visiting our city’s website. I am honored to serve as the 68th Mayor of the City of Newark. I pledge that my staff and I will be good stewards of not only your hard-earned tax dollars, but just importantly good stewards of your trust. My administration is committed to the success of our businesses and families who live in our city. We are proud of our community and the residents who live here!

My administration and I are here to provide customer service to the citizens of Newark. One way to accomplish this is to provide City Government information using the internet, essentially keeping City Hall open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our website is meant to be a communication tool to assist with questions in regards to contact information, different roles and responsibilities of our city departments, and to give up-to-date information on current and upcoming events.

Mayor Jeff Hall
Administrative Assistant Jennifer Bubb

Mayor Jeff Hall Bio

Newark Mayor Jeff Hall was born and raised in Newark and is a fourth-generation resident of the community. He attended McGuffey Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior High School, and completed the Newark Public School System by graduating with honors from Newark High School. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a minor in Information Technology, and furthered his education by earning his Master’s degree in Accounting from The Ohio State University.

Jeff and his wife, Helen, reside in Newark where he was sworn in as the 68th Mayor of Newark on January 1, 2012, and is currently serving his fourth term. Prior to serving in his role as Mayor, he was the Newark City Treasurer and worked for a large public accounting firm in Columbus gaining extensive knowledge in the financial industry.

In addition to maintaining his duties as Mayor, Jeff is very active in the local community. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Licking County Land Reutilization Corporation. He is a former board member of the Licking County United Way, a member of the Licking County Governmental Preservation Society, a member of the task force to renovate the Louis Sullivan Building in Downtown Newark, a board member of Newark City School’s “A Call to College” program, a volunteer overseeing financial donations during the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters “Bowl-For-Kids” fundraising event, and serves as the Newark Elks Lodge 391 Treasurer.

Jeff is extremely proud to be Mayor and Ambassador of the 16th largest city in Ohio by population. Each day is a new opportunity to endorse professionalism and teamwork amongst his staff, developing new and improved methods in promoting Newark’s assets — its commerce, its industry, and its residents.

Mayor Hall is committed to making safety, education, and jobs a top priority for the City of Newark. He has surrounded himself with a TEAM of professional and dedicated individuals who will assist in strategies that support this vision. The TEAM will make certain adequate number of police officers and firefighters are available to service the citizens of Newark. The TEAM will reach out and communicate with the school board to assist in a higher graduation rate and support effective ideas that foster education and a safe environment for our children. There will be an emphasis on job retention and public/ private partnerships that will enable the city to create more jobs thus building a stronger community.

Past Mayors of Newark

2012 – Jeff Hall

2008 – Bob Diebold

2004 – Bruce Bain

1992 – Frank L. Stare, III

1984 – William S. Moore, III

1980 – Mary M. Lusk

1972 – Richard E. Baker

1968 – James H. Alexander

1966 – P. Wendell Reed

1962 – David R. Evans

1960 – Richard V. Fortune

1958 – Fred T. Long

1956 – Clint E. Comer

1952 – John W. “Pop” Swank

1948 – Edwin J. Haynes

1944 – James E. Neighbor

1942 – Arthur D. Lockwood

1940 – Glenn Wright

1936 – Jesse A. Grove

1932 – Charles F. Martin

1928 – Robbins Hunter

1924 – W. H. N. Stevens

1922 – Samuel S. Orr

1918 – Herbert A. Atherton, Jr.

1914 – Royal C. Bigbee

1912 – Francis M. Swartz

1910 – John M. Ankele

1908 – Herbert A. Atherton, Sr.

1906 – Samuel H. McCleery

1903 – Andrew J. Crilly

1902 – Charles C. Forry

1898 – Herbert A. Atherton, Sr.

1896 – Clark D. Barrows

1894 – Waldo Taylor

1892 – Edwin Nichols

1890 – William Bell, Jr.

1888 – Edwin Nichols

1886 – Moses P. Smith

1884 – Waldo Taylor

1882 – George P. Webb

1878 – Isaac W. Bigelow

1874 – David C. Winegarner

1872 – James White

1870 – George M. Grasser

1868 – John W. Brice

1866 – Joel M. Dennis

1864 – John W. Brice

1860 – Gibson Atherton

1858 – Charles H. Kibler

1856 – William B. Woods

1851 – Daniel Humphrey

1850 – Edward Stanley

1847 – A. H. Caffee

1844 – B.W. Brice, Jr.

1843 – M. M. Caffee

1839 – George M. Young

1837 – Israel Dille

1836 – Franklin Fullerton

1836 – Samuel M. Browning (resigned 9/22/1836)

1835 – M. M. Caffee

1834 – Joshua Mathiot

1833 – Samuel M. Browning

1831 – Benjamin Briggs

1830 – Carey A. Darlington

1829 – Corrington W. Searle

1828 – Peter Schmucker

1827 – Robert Davidson

1826 – Lucius Smith

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