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City of Newark Division of Water and Wastewater
34 S. Fifth St., P.O. Box 4100, Newark, OH 43055
Phone: 740-670-7940
Fax: 740-349-6794
Email: wateradm@newarkohiowater.net

24 Hour Emergency Contact:
Water Office: Monday – Friday 8AM to 4:30PM
Water Plant: Monday – Friday after 4:30PM and weekends

At the City of Newark, Division of Water & Wastewater, we strive to offer our customers courteous, quality, and timely service. Whether you need to report a water emergency or just have a question about your bill, we’re here to help.

Online Payment is available for water, sewer and stormwater bills

The City of Newark offers our customers the ability to pay their bills online free of fees. We accept checking/ACH, credit and debit card payments online in a secure environment. For your convenience, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also take advantage of paperless statements, viewing your usage, looking at your transaction history, and setting up automatic payments from either checking or credit card.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

A utilities most important management tool is timely and reliable meter reading information. Frequent meter readings support efficient operations and comprehensive customer service. This is why the City of Newark is implementing an Automated Meter Reading project beginning in March 2010.

An AMR system gives us the capability of receiving readings daily. This not only enhances our customer service, but also enables us to generate more accurate bills and to notify customers of unusual water consumption. Proactive leak detection saves not only the customer unwanted excess expenses but also helps all of the City of Newark Water customers.

The AMR system consists of three components. The first is the Meter Transmitting Unit (MTU), which is battery operated and is installed on the water meter. The MTU contains a radio transmitter that will send the meter reading. The second is the Data Collector Unit (DCU), that is a solar powered unit and will collect the meter readings sent by the MTU. Thirdly is the Network Control Computer (NCC), which receives the meter readings and formats the data for the utility billing computer.

Water & Sewer Rates

All Bills are based on a monthly billing cycle:

1 – 15 days – no consumption will receive “No bill”

1 – 15 days – 1 to 3 consumption will receive a “Minimum bill” or if consumption 4 and higher a bill based on consumption used.

16 – 30 days – will receive either a minimum bill or bill based on consumption.

Monthly Water, Sewer and Stormwater Rates

Water Rate I.A.W. Administrative Notice Effective January 1, 2024

Sewer Rate I.A.W. Ordinance 23-02 Effective January 1, 2024

StormWater Rate I.A.W. Resolution 15-104 Effective March 1, 2016

Water Rate

First 350 cons $3.69 per 100 ft3

Balance $1.58 per 100 ft3

*1 cons  = 100 ft3  (748 Gal)

Sewer Rate

Class I Residential$8.55 / Acct.$2.16 / ccf$1.79 / ccf
Class II Commercial$8.55 / Acct.$2.16 / ccf$3.06 / ccf
Class III Industrial$8.55 / Acct$2.16 / ccf$1.79 / ccf
Class IV Governmental$8.55 / Acct$2.16 / ccf$3.06 / ccf
Class V Institutional$8.55 / Acct$2.16 / ccf$3.06 / ccf

Stormwater Rate

1 ERU $7.70

**1 ERU = 2600 ft2 (1ERU/Home)

Minimum Monthly Bill***

Water $11.07

Sewer $16.05

Stormwater $7.70

Total $34.82

*** based on 300 ft3 or less

Bulk Water, Miscellaneous Meter & Administrative Fees

Rules & Regulations


743.02 Ohio R.C. – The Director of Public Service may make such By-Laws and Regulations as he deems necessary for the safe, economical, and efficient management and protection of the Water Works of a Municipal Corporation. Such by-laws and Regulations shall have the same validity as ordinances when not repugnant thereto or to the constitution of laws of the state.

The Public Water and Wastewater Systems of the City of Newark, and all appurtenances relative thereto, together with the collection of charges for the services rendered by said systems, shall be under the exclusive control of the Director of Public Service and the authorized agents and employees.

Authority and references from:

Ohio Revised Code 743, 4909, 6103, 6109.13, 6117

Ohio Plumbing Code

Ohio Building Code

Ohio E.P.A. Division of Public Drinking Water “Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control”

Newark Board of Health Regulation 91-2

City Ordinance 91-36

City Ordinance 91-59, as amended by 94-16, 96-41, 98-48.

City Ordinance 06-19


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