Our History

Ours Is a History of Small-Town America

Founded in 1802, Newark is now home to a wealth of businesses, enterprises, entrepreneurs and families. From the two log cabins built by its first settlers, it grew steadily throughout the 1800s, growth shaped by the arrival of the Erie Canal, a prosperous farming community, and an industrious workforce. It would continue to grow with the arrival of companies like Holophane, Heisey and Owens Corning Fiberglass — brought here by our rich store of silica, iron, oil and glass. The proud seat of Licking County’s government, Newark’s classic 1876 courthouse serves as an icon of Midwestern architecture. And our town square offers unique shopping afforded by small-family businesses that stretch back generations.

Newark Now

Newark is and remains home to a wealth of both small and larger businesses, several colleges, including Ohio State’s Newark Campus, an industrious workforce, premier health providers, affordable housing, and a variety jobs in both private and public organizations.

Always committed to doing a lot with a little, Newark offers a friendly business environment, close proximity to Columbus, and both the feel and the work-ethic of small-town America. Newark Development Partners, in partnership with the City of Newark, Licking County Officials, our local foundations and area businesses continually promote the development of business and industry in Newark. Together, we are working to encourage new and improved housing, reduce blight and collaborate with other community partners to help make Newark even stronger.

Newark Tomorrow

Our community’s future-forward outlook has enabled us to work alongside valued partners across Licking County, including Licking County’s Community Improvement Corporation. Together we are working to forge a richer, more diverse business base. Licking County offers dozens of strategic sites, a ready-to-go building inventory, a highly skilled workforce, a growing population, and the infrastructure businesses and communities rely on.

Most recently, Intel Corporation announced plans to invest an initial $20+ billion in the construction of two state-of-the-art chip manufacturing factories on a nearly 1,000-acre site in Licking County. Collectively, these facilities could grow to as much as $100 billion over the next decade, making it one of the largest semiconductor manufacturing sites in the world. Always working together, our people and the community at large ensures that Newark will continue to grow and prosper.

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