Tax Incentives and Credits

Community Reinvestment Area

A CRA is an area within the City of Newark “in which real property tax abatement can be granted for any increased property valuation that would result from improvements to the property in the form of new construction or remodeling of existing structures by the property owner.” If you own real property in a CRA, you can remodel structures on that property or build new structures. For existing one- and two-family dwellings, the minimum remodeling is $2500. These improvements are exempt from property taxes for ten years. For existing dwellings of more than two units and existing commercial and industrial structures, the minimum remodeling is $5000. These improvements are exempt for twelve years. New construction is exempt for fifteen years.

Department Contact

Mark Mauter

(740) 670-7533

CRA Program Overview
CRA Program Summary
CRA Program Pre-1994

Please find below the maps of the current CRA’s within the City of Newark:

If you have recently made improvements to your property and would like to apply for a tax abatement please use the information below to complete your application:

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