City Council Committees

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall consider matters relating to the finances and the various funds of the City, the development of the annual budget of the city, the authorization of expenditures (with the exception of the Capital Improvements budget, which shall be authorized directly by its own committee), the consideration of requests for funding, the payment of personal services and claims, and the authorization of the transfer of money from one established account to another within departments of the City.

5 Council Members – Marmie (Chair), Lang (Vice Chair), Cost, Houser, Chute

Capital Improvements Committee

The Capital Improvement Committee shall consider matters relating to the development of the Capital Improvements Budget. It shall recommend and authorize the appropriation of funds for specific Capital Improvement projects and requests. It shall monitor the balance of Capital Improvement funds, and give consideration to financial legislation in the area of Capital Improvements.

5 Council Members – Chute (Chair), Rath (Vice Chair), Marmie, Labutis & Neely

Public Service Committee

The Public Service Committee shall consider matters relating to the municipal cemetery, the municipal water and sewage utilities as well as outside utilities, regulation of cable television with the City limits, the maintenance of the City Hall and other municipal buildings and property, as well as matters related to the setting and reducing of development bonds for subdivisions within the city.

5 Council Members – Rath (Chair), Neely (Vice Chair), Cost, Bline & Chute

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee shall consider matters relating to the operation of the municipal fire and police departments, traffic regulations, safety issues of persons and property within the city.

5 Council Members – Labutis (Chair), Cost (Vice Chair), Bline, Houser & Rath.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee shall consider employment matters relating to salaried and hourly wage employees, that is, to uniformed and non-uniformed employees to employees who are members of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), as well as to non-union employees of the City. The committee shall deal with matters related to job classification, salary adjustments, additional staffing requests, and budget impacted personnel issues.

5 Council Members – Lang (Chair), Chute (Vice Chair), Labutis, Cost & Rine

Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee shall consider matters relating to the parks and recreation programs of the City. The committee shall address issues directed to it by the Parks and Recreation Superintendent, the Director of Public Service, the Mayor, or the Citizen’s Advisory Council for Recreation.

3 Council Members – Rine (Chair), Bline (Vice Chair) & Neely

Street Committee

The Street Committee shall consider matters relating to the streets, thoroughfares, and alleys of the City. It will consider the changing of street names, the vacating of alleys, issues of utility easements, and policy changes in terms of parking meters. It will consider, in conjunction with the Public Safety Committee, matters relating to policy changes in terms of traffic signals. It will annually review the status of street paving and improvement projects.

7 Council Members –  1 from each ward – Houser (Chair), Labutis (Vice Chair), Rine, Rath, Bline, Lang & Marmie.

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall consider amendments to the Council Rules and questions of interpretation of the existing Rules. It shall also handle questions of appointment of special Committees of Council and the appointment of Council members to bodies requesting Council representation.

3 Council Members – Neely (Chair), Rine (Vice Chair) & Rath

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee shall consider matters relating to all economic development, abatement issues, community investment, and issues connected with enterprise zones. The committee shall deal with all business and manufacturing rezoning proposals. This committee shall consider requests for annexation into the City.

5 Council Members – Cost (Chair), Houser (Vice Chair), Lang, Labutis & Neely

Ways and Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee shall consider matters relating to the raising of revenue to run the municipal government, including municipal taxation and monies that come from the state and federal governments and other entities.

3 Council Members – Bline (Chair), Chute (Vice Chair) & Labutis.

Budget Review Committee

This Committee shall meet at least annually at the discretion of the Committee Chair. It shall be the duty of this Committee to monitor the City budget, including tax revenues and other income as compared to the outlay of funds, and to report to the Finance Committee any developing budgetary problems together with recommendations toward solving such problems

7 Members – Mayor Jeff Hall (Chair), Marmie (Vice Chair), Auditor Ryan Bubb, Service Director David Rhodes, Treasurer Brad Feightner Jr., Cost, Houser, Lang


4 Chaplains – Beth Bline, Michael Houser,  MarkLabutis

President Pro-Tem

President Pro-Tem – Jeff Rath

Majority Leader – Doug Marmie

Minority Leader – Bill Cost

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